Friday, September 02, 2011

Now it begins...

I urge you to read the New World Notes post "Second Life Mesh Clothing Raises Real Life Body Issues" and the Vaki Zenovka blog post that it references. 

People have already noticed the deficiencies of mesh for clothing: see Iris Ophelia's post "Ophelia's Gaze: 3 Great SL Fashion Items Which Show Off the Potential -- and Limitations -- of Mesh", and if you haven't already, please vote for and follow JIRA entry SH-2374 (if you can--I just tried to look at it in the SL JIRA, and got a "permission violation" page!). That and the Zenovka post, and its reference in what I would think is among the most-read SL-related blogs, show that people are finally realizing what's happening. Mesh clothing gives them the problem that we prim breast users have always had. 

This is our chance... if we can get avatar shapes that support the figures we want, a solution to the mesh clothing problem will work for us, too, and we can come out of the fashion closet, at least for mesh clothing... and as designers realize the advantages of mesh clothing and learn how to create it, I think it will become the norm. Please express your opinion. I have already, at least here and on NWN in the comments on the first-mentioned post:
Welcome to the world that those of us who have had to resort to attachments to get the figure we want have had to live in for years. I sincerely hope that this will inspire a solution that will work for all of us.
UPDATE: a comment on that NWN post from Paola Tauber says that apparently the JIRA entry has been moved into an "internal LL project" (JIRA?) after getting over 470 votes in a few days, and thus it's not in the publicly visible JIRA any more.

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