Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mesh boots

Mesh clothing is starting to appear... and while it can't yet pay attention to all one's shape parameters, it certainly helps that it can notice your skeleton.

Slink has mesh boots out in leather as well as silver, gold, and other colors, and they are getting rave reviews. I agree with those raves. Here I am with a demo (at L$700 a pair, one pays to be an early adopter...):

 My choice to make my avatar as leggy as I possibly can makes clothing somewhat difficult: unmodifiable glitchpants that stretch beyond the hems of unmodifiable flexiprim skirts. Mesh items that pay attention to how long your legs or arms are, so that thigh-high boots really are thigh-high, should be a major improvement. (Let's hope that they will be able to pay attention to other things soon: vote for and watch SH-2374. (They made it accessible again; it now has 512 votes.)

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