Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Firestorm Beta 3 is available!

You no longer have to give up mesh or depth of field to have the neat features of Firestorm. Beta 3 is available now, and supports mesh and depth of field.

The linked wiki page that explains the various depth of field settings is not up to date when it comes to how you adjust them. It's a lot easier than that, at least on Firestorm Beta 3: edit preferences, and pick "graphics". There's a tab for depth of field with sliders for the settings.

Note that the initial setting, when you turn it on, will have a rather shallow depth of field. This makes it easy to see the kind of results you can get, but you may wish to adjust it.

Now to go experiment!

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Daniel Boomhauer said...

Except, which is present in all 3.0 based viewers currently, is a GTX460/basic shaders bug which crashes the video card. I read this is due to some OpenGL commands that have been depreciated.