Thursday, September 08, 2011

It's going to be a tedious job, but... has its rewards.

I'm going through clothing in my inventory and sorting it out. Initially I am categorizing it in the inventory by how usable it is with prim breasts, but in going through and by golly taking pictures of each outfit, I will have a local catalog that I can use a photo management program to tag appropriately, including multiple tags, which the hierarchical inventory doesn't do well. (Each photo will be named with the name of the outfit being pictured.)

In the process some forgotten gems are turning up. Isn't this so cute you could spit? (Say, that would be a good tag...)

UPDATE: Sigh... when I put this up on flickr I referred to Anya Ohmai's very helpful guide to organizing one's inventory as a "four-step program", which took my thoughts down a path. Have I admitted to being powerless over my inventory?

UPDATE: There is a problem, of course. Once you find that great outfit in the inventory, you realize that you don't have the right jewelry for it, and...

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