Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unhappy Campers

SH-2374, the request to add a facility that will allow mesh clothing to take into account shape parameters other than just the skeleton, has had its status changed from "sprint 28", i.e. to be done in a particular "sprint" (that's an agile programming term; more details here), to "someday/maybe".

People are not happy. That includes me; as people have repeatedly pointed out, not having that capability makes mesh clothing highly impractical. So far, Second Life clothiers have for the most part gotten away with "let's pretend one size fits all" clothing, with the occasional scripted skirt or shoe as exceptions. Unlike painted-on texture clothing, with mesh clothing you have two choices:
  • do things the way they're done in RL; make them in multiple sizes
  • have some facility like that of SH-2374, so that one master template will adapt to your shape when you put it on
Clothiers do not want to have to do the former; customers have put up with the problems of texture and attachment clothing so far, but won't tolerate clothing that their body pokes through. Without something like SH-2374, mesh clothing will not catch on, and that would be a shame.

UPDATE: Thanks to Charlar Linden for posting a comment on SH-2374. Lest I give a wrong interpretation, here it is in its entirety:
waves hands to get everyone's attention
Hi everybody,
First, because we've wrapped the Mesh release 2 project, we're moving items into other backlogs. We don't have any subsequent dedicated mesh project planned so _all_ remaining items, including this one, will end up on our general viewer or the server backlogs.

This does not mean anything as extreme as some residents have assumed. The fact that the backlog is called "someday/maybe" means that it's something we want to do, but can't commit to a timeframe yet.

We did some investigation into the problem that Maxwell's solution attempts to solve. We're doing some more research and prototyping, trying to find a solution that might be faster/easier to implement. We have Top People on it.

As we said in the Usergroup, we'll have the results in about two weeks. At that time we'll update this ticket and also talk about it in the usergroup.

I can't promise anything - we might come back and say 'no', we might say 'yes, but later' and we might say 'here's what we doing'. We might say something i haven't thought of yet.



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