Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not Over Yet

I should not leave the story of us Minoans where I did. We're trying to figure out some way to continue. If this interests you, please let me know.


Kaseido said...

It totally does, of course!

I'm out of town at a conference till Sunday, and not able to check in much, but I'll do what I can.

I'm in for a fairly serious monthly contribution, so please let that be known if you talk to folks while I'm gone!

Susyn Stenvaag said...

It interests me too but I also have to respect Aeneas wishes and I do support him closing the sim. He has kept it running for three years which is practically an eternity in SL.

This is not the first time I've lost a home. It saddens me that a great community is breaking up and seemingly there is not a whole lot that can be done about it.

I do know that Aeneas was leasing the island of Karpathos and that person will be starting a new ancient world sim. I have spoken to him and he would consider establishing residential areas depending on interest. Thane Woodford is the contact. He is leaning toward a Greek theme which isn't too far off from the Minoan setting. He also expressed a desire to create an RP setting with more opportunities for male involvement than Crete offered. It could work.

As for Aeneas, he is moving on in RL and has responsibilities which have to take a precedence over SL. I wish him well and thank him for the great times which would not have been possible without his support for Crete.

Thane is well known in the Minoan community. Like Aeneas, he has a vision of what he would like to accomplish. There will never be another Crete and I would not suggest that Thane try to copy what Aeneas has built. I do believe that those of us who wish to stay in contact and keep the group together could support him in his new venture.

On a personal note I've begun building a home in another sim. Not because I've bailed on the ancient worlds. It's going to take me all of the three weeks I have left to push prims together into a new residence.

No, it's not over yet. We will evolve as SL does and move forward.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Thank you, Susyn; I hope I didn't give the wrong impression. I have great respect and gratitude for Aeneas and all he's done, and wish him well. Whatever might happen, I just want to keep in contact with the wonderful people I've met in Crete.