Friday, June 24, 2011

In Search of Dress and Tattoo

I'm a sucker for the LBD... but I've also been known to fall for a flaming red dress. The Ingenue "Christmas Girl" freebie is a wonderful example... but it I can find. I'd love to be able to find this dress in my inventory; does anyone remember it from about three years ago?

(That's from the days before clothing layers for me, as you can tell.)

Happily, I've found another fun red dress recently--it's in the discount, but not so discount as the Reese babydoll, section of Bliss Couture.

I like it a lot, but it makes me want to take up an old search again. Now that I have a dress slit up to there, I want to find a tattoo to accompany it, one with a vine, preferably with red flowers, that runs up the outside of my leg from ankle to hip. I've been searching in-world and in SL Marketplace; does anyone know of such a thing? (It would be especially nice if it supported the tattoo feature of the 2.x clients.)

UPDATE: I pulled out a tattoo from inventory from the last time I went looking. It's still not quite what I'm after, but it isn't bad.

UPDATE: Looking again at this, I can't believe I chose that pose. OK, it shows the tattoo, but the rest is a bit much, don't you think?

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