Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farewell, Apollo?

NWN has a post up asking for what one might put on an "SL bucket list", though I'd call it an "inverse bucket list". The bucket list is what you should do before you "kick the bucket"; the places on this list are those you should see before they kick the bucket.

I am very sad that one of the comments states that the Lost Gardens of Apollo will go away on June 26th. Apollo is an amazing, beautiful sim, and one of my favorite places. I have taken so many photos there, including many of my experiments with forced perspective.

So... with Mammatus, then Goldie Locks and Nantli Xolal, then the Minoan Empire, and now Apollo going away, does the metaverse have it in for me? I can't believe that. I may think it sometimes, but I can't believe it. Unfortunately, the alternative would seem to be that a lot of places are going away, so that they'd happen to include my favorites. This is not a good sign.

NOTE: The ordering above is not chronological order, but the order I happened to think of them in. The Minoan Empire is due to close on July 6th.

UPDATE: Apollo, like the Minoan Empire, is one of the "featured Second Life destinations". To be featured, I would think that someone or some group at Linden Lab would have decided that the featured sim is special, that it represents what is best and special about Second Life. Does LL care that such sims are going away?

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