Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apollo: In Memoriam

I went out to Apollo one last time, and immediately regretted not having done so earlier. With the improvement in Second Life graphics, it was even more beautiful than I remembered.

I took some pictures. There was no time to try replicating some of the forced perspective photos from long ago, but I wanted to record a bit of it before it closed. The statue, the shops, the harbor... and the open space in the woods where a group of people were doing tai chi. Suddenly the memory of tai chi on the beach in Crete swept over me, and I had to sign off lest I break down completely.

If you happen to read this on the day it's posted, you may still have some time to visit the Apollo sim--do it now! If it's too late, or even if not, be sure to watch this machinima. It's one of many YouTube videos of the sim; search for "lost gardens of apollo" and be amazed.

UPDATE: It's too late. A commenter in the NWN post with the machinima was there for the sim's last thirty minutes. Shortly after I read that, I saw the sim on the map with one person there, but couldn't teleport to it.

Also in the comments on that post: Fearless Nation, a sim that helps people dealing with PTSD, will be closing in a week. Is there any evidence that LL cares?

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