Sunday, June 05, 2011

Goldie Locks Closing

It is with great sorrow that I write the following: Goldie Locks is closing. Now through June 16th you can buy Goldie Locks hair for half off; on the 17th the store will go away. (UPDATE: not just the store, but Nantli Xolal sim.)

I have far more Goldie Locks hair in my inventory than any other--I can always count on it to look good, its default size fits my head :), there are many lovely styles, there are no dueling alpha textures to make your head look like one of those cheesy plants made out of intersecting planes, and the superlong hair catered to my inner Diane Witt, especially with a little editing on "Jordan" to make it 3.5 meters long...

So, thank you, Selena Gateaux. I am more indebted to you than I can say, and I hope that you will continue to create in Second Life.

UPDATE: I went back again with a friend (Hi, Kaseido!) and said "Next to Nantli Xolal is the Rainforest sim, I hope it will remain..." and then zoomed out to see it was gone; the pyramids, the trees with comfy beds up in the branches... it's already gone away. *blinks back tears*

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