Saturday, May 28, 2011


OK. Was I misled by the etymology of "bathycolpian"? Was there some meaning drift between classical and modern Greek? ("Knecht" in German still means "servant", but English "knight", which the cognate English "knicht" turned into, is very different. German "sterben" means "to die" whatever the cause; in English it turned into "starve", specifically to die from lack of food.) I don't know, but... now that two Greek speakers have warned me about my epithet, I've reset my display name. I'll see if I can't find another one.

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ameira_loire said...

I've been told that my new name βασίλισσα - basilissa isn't classical Greek. Words ending in 'ossos' or 'lassa' like 'knossos' or 'thalassa' are loan words from an Aegean language. That made it even better.