Friday, May 13, 2011

Disappearing articles/comments

As you know if you've tried to post an article or comment to any Blogger-based blog in the past day or thereabouts, or tried to find an article that darn it, you know was there, you know that Blogger has been having trouble.

One major glitch (that I've seen, at least) in over four and a half years is better than it could be, but is still frustrating while you're in the midst of it. I can post again [crosses fingers], but one or two posts and comments are still missing. I hope they are restored shortly.

UPDATE: That said, one has to wonder about what's happened to Ann Althouse's blog, a very popular blog that, for some reason, Blogger has characterized as a spam blog and taken down. Anyone who's read it would know it's as far from a spam blog as one can get.

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