Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I think I'm spoiled

I think I've gotten spoiled by the variety of clothing now available, and want more. I wandered over to Club Habibi, looked at the lovely clothing in the nearby stores, and could only think about the work required to adapt it to prim breasts. Then I headed to the lovely Danbi sim, decked out in Indian jewelry, and wished I had a sari of the sort I had seen on sale.

The problem with the sari is the way it drapes over the shoulder—the texture would only really work at one size, just as regular texture clothing only really works on the specific shape the designer creates it on... but surely we could have a choli!

I guess what started me down this path was seeing a gorgeously detailed dress while hair shopping and wishing I could wear it. We've made advances, but still mainstream clothiers don't think it's worth catering to us, while on the other hand, how many clothiers catering to us can spend the time on that level of detail? (There are some [waves to Mullemaus Oh], and they have my gratitude.)

So, shame on me. I shouldn't whine, but I will hope that we take the next step, whether that is persuading the mainstream to think of us, seeing more adaptations such as Tenyene's fine add-ons to Bug[poop] bustiers, or more prim breast-friendly clothiers moving to the next level.

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