Friday, May 13, 2011

Great service!

Now that Blogger is letting me post again (still waiting for the wiped posts and comments...), I can do something I promised.

A while back I bought a blue outfit with a short skirt in the Minoan Empire's shopping area. I put it on, and the skirt promptly told me to click on it and activate the scripts, which would let me resize it to fit... but I couldn't do it! Some kindly folks on the Firestorm group suggested it might be marked no modify, and indeed it was.

I IMed the seller and requested either a refund or a skirt that would let me turn on the resize script, and VERY promptly I got a kind reply and a skirt that let me resize as soon as I put it on.

I enjoy letting people know about people who provide exemplary service, and the seller, Cleopatra Xigalia, is one such. One can't ask for more. She sells a wide variety of items, not just historical clothing. Check out some gorgeous examples at Virtual Fashion Feed. (UPDATE: and don't miss her recreation of an ornate dress from a painting of Elizabeth I. Not the one with the hard-core ruff, but still amazing.)

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