Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Road Goes Ever On

Donald Swann (of Flanders and Swann) set some songs based on the Lord of the Rings, published under the title The Road Goes Ever On. Someone once said to him that it must be hard to come up with tunes for the songs, since they already exist. "Where?" Swann asked. "In Middle-Earth," the fellow replied.

I'm continuing down my road to my goal, namely being able to stay in SL for more than a few minutes at a time. I detached an AO rather than just deactivating it, and I've purged a couple of thousand items from my inventory. I think that may have helped, but I'm not sure.  Clearing cache seems to help... peeking at ~/.kirstens s20/cache shows data.db2.x. running near 107 MB. Is that excessive?

UPDATE: Things were nice for a while this evening, nearly 30 fps. Then I moved, and down to 6 or 7 fps it went. Client RAM usage was up around 1.3 GB.  Anyone know of a good Linux 3D graphics benchmark program that I can fire up and let grind? (Yes, Phoronix does. I'll be running those this weekend. I could believe my graphics card may be throttling itself under load, but why would that cause clients to allocate RAM like there's no tomorrow?)

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Danball Tureaud said...

I could suggest running the Phoenix client in Windows and see how it runs that way. Apparently it seems it isn't particular compiled well to run on Linux.