Sunday, February 06, 2011

Minoan Women's Hair

SkyShop HairResort has quite a variety of historical and fictional hair (that didn't sound quite right...), among which is the Posedaia Minoan hair. I have yet to edit the various sets of bangs into position and size, but even so, I really like the look.

Apologies for the really small image; that pesky SL snapshot bug ruined all the photos I took bigger than 800x600 (!), and the face was a small part thereof. If I'd zoomed in, I fear the results would be very distorted. (Try taking a RL photo zoomed in on someone's face. Better yet, shoot a mannequin's face, lest the subject see the result.)

UPDATE: The SL Marketplace won't let me write a review there, because I didn't buy the hair through the Marketplace, so here's my review: It's beautiful, the hair and the decorative beads are tintable, and the closest thing I have to a complaint is that the vendor shows two hair colors, so that my silly self had the mistaken notion that, like other hair vendors, you have to buy multiple items to get more than one color. One suffices! Wear the HUD to let you easily set things to your liking.

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