Saturday, February 12, 2011

Minoan Culture... with some help from Mattel?

Wandering about googling "Minoan", one comes across a serious web site, The Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece, with a page titled "Minoan Culture and its Women". The discussions are interesting, and there are references at the end (though many of the links are broken, alas)... and then there are the photos of how various scenes from Minoan life might have appeared, re-enacted, so to speak, by dolls.

It's well-intentioned, but the results are surreal. (It didn't help that I read "In this courtyard processions and dances occurred. These are believed to have been line dances..." and immediately had a mental image of snake priestesses doing the Achy Breaky. Utterly unfair of me--line dances go way back--but it's what came to mind.)

So... read it in the spirit it was intended, and thank you to the site's author.

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