Monday, February 21, 2011

Another, Admittedly Minor, Goal Reached

I finally got around to doing something I'd promised myself I'd do for a long while, I think since water reflections came to Second Life. Thank you to the people at Second Life who made Windlight happen and the various graphics settings that make the world look as good as it does, and thank you to the people working on the Firestorm SL client.

"So what was it, already?" you say? It's a photo, and NSFW, so it's behind the break.

(UPDATE: If I'm not careful, my fingers will get all pruney from staying in the water so long. So many Windlight settings to try, so little time...)

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Val Suisei said...

Wooooow! That's a truly fabulous shot you got, Melissa! Reminds me of the hoops I used to jump through to get good photos in my SL Photographer phase. Wonderful. =D