Sunday, February 13, 2011

La lutte continue...

This morning, Phoenix was zipping right along. No shadows, but I'm starting to get frustrated, and a 1.x based client probably has the alpha textures versus shadows bug.

So, this afternoon I was going to use it again. The chariot races in the Minoan Empire are always a pleasure to attend, and I would be chatting, not taking pictures. Fire up Phoenix, sign back on at home, to change into appropriate Minoan clothing before teleporting... and Phoenix grabbed all available RAM, slowed to a crawl, and crashed, where it hadn't just hours ago. Kirsten's client? Ditto. 2.5? Ditto.

Once more on 2.5, and I was able to tell it to clear cache, and then sign off. On again, and things worked much better, but for how long? (After all, I'd only run Phoenix once; how quickly does it accumulate stuff?) We'll see.

UPDATE: I happened across a message on the Kirsten's client group about reducing the amount of graphics RAM used for textures. I thought I only had 512 MB of graphics RAM and Kirsten's client was using that much. so I pulled it back to about half that. Turns out I was wrong; the card has 1 GB of RAM. Did it help anyway? I'm not sure; I'd already cleared cache, so any improvement may have been due to that. I had the statistics bar and the system monitor resources graphs up to watch CPU usage. There were periodic swings from somewhere around 20 fps down to under 2 fps. One of the CPUs was pretty well maxed out, and the others fluctuated. A lot of RAM was in use, but not all of it, at least not by the time I called it quits for the night. I'm not sure what to try next.

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