Saturday, February 19, 2011

Evening on the Beach in Crete

After such a long frustrating time with stays in Second Life tightly limited by crashing clients, it was a joy to spend a pleasant while on the beach in the Minoan Empire sim. I wandered out to the beach and was greeted by Myklos, who kindly invited me to join him in a pleasant evening's exercise on the beach. We chatted, and soon were joined by Chrissy, JackSparrow7, Stef, Titjana, Reine (who graciously played for us), and others. We chatted and exercised and meditated, and eventually were joined by the great architect of the sim, Aeneas Anthony.

It was the best time I've spent in SL for a while; thank you to all who were there and made it so thereby. I invite you, Dear Reader, to go to the Minoan Empire sim; you'll see the effort and the love put into its construction.

It's amazing how readily one can find someone to paint a fresco... :) I felt that the scene deserved to be preserved. Since we were dressed in Minoan style, I'll put it after the break. Caution: NSFW, in modern times at least.


Kaseido said...

Sounds lovely, and like just the thing to pull me out of my recent SL slump.

Is there a group for events there, or a regular time? And, can you recommend a vendor of period clothing that supports the community?

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

The regularly scheduled event I know of is the chariot races; they happen on Sundays at, I believe, 1:00 p.m. SL time. There are also announced temple ceremonies.

Members of the Minoan Empire group receive announcements of events.

Kaseido said...