Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hitting the big time

OK, we've pointed you at articles about breast attachments in various blogs, some of which are outside the "SL busty community". Now, there's one in the SL blog: New World Notes.

Iris Ophelia's fashion eye and virtual pen have turned to breast attachments, with "We Love Mesh Hands, Mesh Feet, Mesh Heads... Why Not Mesh Breasts?"  As with the aforementioned articles, the coverage is of Lolas!, in particular the new Lolas! Tango breasts. That saddens me a bit, as I don't think the other makers of prim breasts should be ignored... but given that, it is nonetheless a good article. The best sentence:
There's nothing wrong with [pixel sex or fetishism] necessarily, but they're often used as an excuse to push everything associated with them into a dark little corner of shame.
Alas, that enlightened attitude is not universal.

By all means, read the article, and comment if you are so inclined.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the comments. After one "mousebi" posted "...the bigger the boobs that means the smaller brain size you have.. just like in RL" and other similarly astute observations, "Eva" was one of several who responded--my thanks to all of you! From Eva's comment:
Oh, and mousebi? I wear a 38L bra IRL, and I don't have implants... but I do have a Master's degree and some old IQ tests with results in the genius range. Unlike you, I can also properly spell, capitalize, and punctuate in English -- and oddly enough, I don't use my breasts for any of that! Hey, you know what IS a fairly reliable indicator of stupidity, though? Prejudice like yours.

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