Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nanami and Sissi Design go Marketplace-only

As Maggie Bluxome reports, Nanami and Sissi Designs are closing their in-world store. I hope that they prosper; they make beautiful, finely-detailed dresses and other outfits, and I want to see them continue to do so.

In-world stores have advantages for customers and potential customers:
  • An in-world store can show you how the product really looks in world.
  • An in-world store can be a meeting place. Anyone you find there is likely to share your interest in the type of item the store sells, and you can trade information and landmarks and even make new friends.
That said, I understand why a creator might choose to sell solely via the Marketplace, and can't hold that choice against any creator. Linden Lab, maybe, but not the creators. I am amazed, especially given the RL economy, that anyone buys land given tier charges.

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