Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Chat with Ceri Quixote

Just so you know: I am likely to be all gushy in this post.

I was wandering around this morning and had gotten into a conversation with a handsome and sharply-dressed fellow--I think he said he was about 3'9" tall. As we chatted, a group announcement came through with a new landmark for Quixote's Dream. It hadn't gone far, just enough to move a pesky sim crossing out of the way.

It occurred to my that my dapper chat companion might be interested in seeing the store. (Procrastinator that I am, I have yet to get myself properly set up with a giantess avatar.) Off I went, and after moving away from the landing point, back the TP offer went, followed quickly by his arrival.

It took a bit for things to rez, but then we saw the bridge leading to the shop. Partway across I noticed a figure that looked like she might be using a giantess avatar. "Cool, we can talk to a customer!" I thought, and we walked the rest of the way over and I saw the name tag. It was Ms. Quixote herself!

OK, here comes the twittering fangirl gushiness...

She was utterly breathtaking. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be present in person when she appeared at The Tides at a height of two hundred feet. The photos and the video are great, but they're just not like being there.

As a mesh avatar, her avatar doesn't have the obvious, verisimilitude-killing joins of early giant avatars.

I was able to converse, and we chatted. Alas, the gentleman who accompanied had to go, but we talked a bit more, though I suspect I was less than coherent. We did talk a little about clothing layers for the growing number of outfits for her giantess avatar.

Ms. Quixote graciously let me take a picture to publish here:

Thank you, ma'am, for your time, for letting me take the photo, and for your lovely work.

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Susyn Stenvaag said...

Sadly my giantess avatar projects have fallen by the wayside. On a positive note I have built a new SL house, just in time for the sim to be covered in snow. Makes me shiver just to look out the virtual window.

HI MELISSA! (waves) Merry Christmas!

Thanks for this update. Also, in following Ceri's blog I see that Bare Rose has a lot more offerings for the Colossi avatars.

Looks like it's time to go shopping :-)