Thursday, December 20, 2012

"We got both kinds [of music] here..."

" and western!" This famous line from The Blues Brothers may have been intended to show the wide variety of music liked at Bob's Country Bunker, but if that was its intent it was, I dare say, less than successful.

For a long time, that line has echoed in my head when I look at a possibly-useful application to see whether I could run it, only to find that it proudly supports both operating systems... Windows and Mac OS!

The recent surge in talk and support of prim/mesh breasts has been exciting... but then I'm reminded of that scene when I read the descriptions of some new clothing items and see that they support both prim and mesh Lolas!

I hasten to add that Lolas are, IMHO, among the very best breast attachments for a natural look, and they and their designer have my utmost respect... but there is more to the breast attachment market.

Clothes designers, thank you so much for supporting breast attachments. I hope you'll consider supporting multiple vendors' breast attachments.

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