Sunday, November 18, 2012


(It makes your hair stay in place by happy accident, right?)

While looking for info on Lolas! Tango mesh breasts, I was induced to peek at the "about" page for Bootie & Boobies, and there I found out that one of the people behind it, Elle Caerntown, is a partner in a store that I'd not heard of before, [J'adore]. (The brackets are significant. French has been the language of choice for English speakers naming fashion items and companies for quite a while, and "j'adore" shows up in a lot of store names in SL!)

[J'adore] sells prim breast-friendly dresses and lingerie, and other items such as skirts.

Having found out about it, I went to visit, and discovered at the other side of the loop another store for the busty avatar: Sick Puppy. Now, I just looked up Sick Puppy on SL Marketplace, and it does have a presence there--mostly selling T-shirts with wiseguy (or whatever the female equivalent is) text on the front. What I didn't see there is what is in the in-world store, namely prim breast-friendly clothing. Not just T-shirts, but nice dresses and pretty darned impressive gowns!

Alas, as I write, I can't model the work of [J'adore] or Sick Puppy, thanks to RL issues--but you should visit the stores in world and check them out.

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