Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not the Usual Suspects

So after seeing the SL Universe thread, I thought I'd go googling to see whether prim breasts really are more widely used these days. An NWN reference to Juicybomb as among readers' top choices there caused me to do something that turned out to be a better idea than I realized. I searched for "juicybomb 'prim breasts'", wondering whether Juicybomb itself had any posts on the subject... but it proved to be a good way to find the more general set of pages I was really after. What's a common feature of blogs? Links to other blogs. What are mainstream fashion blogs likely to link to? Really popular mainstream fashion blogs... like Juicybomb.

So... here's what I found (in addition to the pages I linked to in the preceding article):
  • "Sunday Quickie | Layerable Prim Boob Bras? O.O" in My Words Devour Souls: bras for prim breasts that have a lingerie layer (or at least one such set; alas, the article doesn't specify) from The Sugar Garden.
  • "Divine" in Not Quite Naked: blogger Eve Graymoon hesitates at first to try prim breasts as her SO suggests, but finds a jacket by Lapoint and Bastchild that works beautifully with Lolas. (UPDATE: that's a jacket not made to work with prim breasts, and to get the effect, she wore it open, not buttoned up.)
  • "2nd of 12 Days in Lingerie" in The Poultry Report: Uccello Poultry proves to be a very distracting construction worker with Bad Kitty's "Allure" lingerie and Lolas.
  • "String Bikini for Implant Breast, Mon Cheri" in Urban Leyends: Natsumi Kangjou shows variously-patterned string bikinis for Lolas (which may work for iBoobs and eCorp as well).
Not as much as I was hoping for, so I will try some other searches. More news as it happens.

UPDATE: I tried "fashion 'prim breasts'". A lot of links to the blog we all know and love turned up (Hi, Maggie!), but I did find things new to me, like this gem, Lavish Inside: SL styles for prim and standard breast beauties. Each post features a pair of similar outfits, one for prim breast users, and one for non-users.

Also from that search:
  • "Miss Virtual World" in Rage Log - A Second Life Fashion & Travel Blog: From the post, Mimara (who doesn't have on prim breasts in the photos shown) on the prim breast issue: "Prim breasts. They're controversial. It's odd that people in SL seem to accept furries, vampires and men built like action figures but shun, or even scorn prim boobs. With the right look they can be fantastic."
  • "[QE] Designs and Bewbapalooza" in Virtual Fashion Feed: "In case anyone has not noticed, Second Life boobs/bewbs/implants are pretty popular at the moment [October 19, 2012] and it's no secret I am excited about it! I've been an implant lover/wearer for 2 years now and it's as important to me first for the obvious reasons, I am a female and I am an ample female IRL..."
  • "If You Dare" in Octavia Dorchester's blog: "So, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about my boobs. Prim breasts are all the rage, and I can see why. They are fab." Ms. Dorchester delights in her prim breasts, and the pleasure she takes in them is contagious. I do hope that she's found more of the sources of prim breast-friendly clothing that are out there. The blog post, is, I suspect, early in her prim breast experience, as she only mentions one clothing store, Milk.

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