Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hamlet 3.0?

So I peeked over at New World Notes this afternoon, and found a post by Iris Ophelia, "Hamlet 3.0: Help Me Give Hamlet a Head-To-Toe Avatar Makeover!" You won't find it on NWN now--the link is to Google's cached version. I'm not sure why it was wiped from the blog proper. Iris asks for comments and suggestions, especially on the tattoo beard versus prim beard question. Since the post is no longer on the blog, I'm not sure how best to send them.

Hamlet 2.0 is of 2010 vintage, and a bit too square-jawed; I much prefer his more affable RL face... and I hope that Iris will find him a new outfit. Tom Wolfe had the "writer in dapper white suit" thing down and trademarked long ago, and Mark Twain before him. (If you're reading this, Iris--for purposes of Hamlet 3.0, definitely tattoo beard. It's the way to go for the close-shaven beards of today. Prim beards are for the Victorian/steampunk avatar. Having been a bearded lady in Second Life, I speak from at least a little experience.)

UPDATE: It's back on NWN proper; here's the link.

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