Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I'm behind on multiple attachments, I must admit. If you look in the Knowledge Base, you'll see an article about the feature from February 2011. I started taking advantage of it a few months later. I am happy with the results:

  • No more having to wrangle necklaces into spine-relative positioning!
  • I can be a well-endowed fairy with jewelry! (yay!)
  • I can layer textures!
At the moment, I seem to use the last one the most. I set down the details here to fix them in my mind and just in case there's someone who hasn't taken advantage of the ability.

The thing to notice is an additional option in the menu for items in your inventory. There's not just "Wear" now; there's also "Add".

"Wear" works as always. If you "wear" something, it replaces whatever was already there.

If you "Add" something, it goes on in addition to what is already there, so that is how to get multiple attachments.

For clothing textures, order is important. The last "add"-ed item is on top. An example: I wanted to wear Bad Kitty's gorgeous burgundy cheongsam, but it's quite short! What to wear with it? Stockings, of course. For a while I had a habit of wearing Rufeena's "Temptation", but by themselves they're still rather revealing. So, add some other translucent stockings:

Perhaps a better picture is from an extremely bright English sim--it makes the effect easier to see.

Of course, there are other uses: freckles and makeup can coexist separately from the skin.

P.S. Thanks to the Emerald developers. Had they not implemented a multiple attachment feature, idiosyncratic as it was, I suspect we'd never have seen it in an LL client.

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