Monday, January 29, 2007

"We are not evil"... Magnatune comes to SL

If you have had enough of the RIAA and the way most record labels are set up to screw the musician at every possible opportunity (see "Courtney Love Does the Math" and Steve Albini's "The Problem with Music" for some details), then I hope you will head right over to Magnatune. We'll be right here when you get back.

(The short version, if you didn't follow the link: Magnatune is a record label that makes a point of not screwing the musicians who sign with them. Said musicians retain the rights to their work, and when you buy a CD from Magnatune, the performers get half of the money you pay. You decide what you want to pay, within limits, and get for your money a link to a place to download a burnable ISO file. Magnatune also does a great deal to let you listen before you buy, and is quite accomodating to streaming internet radio and podcasters.)

The good news: Magnatune now has an elegant presence in SL.

In an open field, you're greeted by a sign and a screen that can display a video about the label.

Surrounding you are separate listening areas, each dedicated to one of the wide variety of musical genres Magnatune offers recordings in. You can listen to selections and view the surrounding fields. Very relaxing! (Now to find an animation that will blow my hair back in the style of that famous Maxell ad...)

The little blue box on the pole is for comments which you are invited to leave; there's one by each listening area.

A lovely site for an excellent recording label... and Mordecai's decision to use a Magnatune stream for the beautiful teahouse he built was one of the factors in their decision to have a presence in SL.

If you didn't visit Magnatune's web site before, I hope you'll do it now... and visit their SL area, and the teahouse. You'll be glad you did.

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