Sunday, January 21, 2007

The (Insomniac) Model Despite Herself

It was something ridiculous thirty in the morning, RL time... I'd forgotten to turn the TV off, and the theme from Without a Trace blasted me awake as the credits rolled. I was all the way awake, so as they recommend, I got out of bed and, as they don't necessarily recommend, got on the computer and headed back to SL...

...where I was IM-ed, thanks to belonging to the group Rowan Carroll has associated with her "She's So Unusual" shoe store and blog, with those two little words that mean so much... "L$50 SALE."

I TP-ed right over to DollyRock and in turn invited the ever-stylish Xaxoqual over as well. Not everything was priced at L$50, but everything was quite reasonably priced. DollyRock has quite a variety of dresses, from formal wear to silks and some items a bit too daring for shy little me. I couldn't resist "Sara," with its just slightly midriff-baring top, patterned hose, and flexi miniskirt (and base/glitchpants, never fear), especially in the unusual color of mustard (don't think French's, think the good stuff :)).

Rowan asked for volunteers to model, and I volunteered. So, if you take a look at this entry in her wonderful blog, you'll see Rowan in a cute pink sweater and a seriously mini skirt, along with the very elegant Xaxoqual and the equally elegant Beverly... and me in mustard. (I hope you'll relish it... ouch. Comedy is best left to professionals.)

We caught the very end of the sale, but DollyRock is still very much worth checking out... and do join Rowan's group!

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Mordecai Scaggs said...

At long last! Beloved, you look stunning - as I knew you would - as a model, and that is a fantastic outfit. I hope to get the chance to see it in the pixel. You see, you DO have fun when you go explore without me! Just hope now that you don't have too much fun, and decide to go alone all the time!