Monday, January 01, 2007

We Dance and Tie/Win a Contest

I took advantage of my last day before work starts up again to wander around a bit... and then was IMed about a party and contest. It was a dance party at Elevation in the HotShop Mall, and the contest was "Best Formal {Men's, Women's} Clothing." Two prizes (one per gender) of $300L were up for grabs. I arrived in one outfit, but thought better of it, and changed to Nicky Ree's beautiful Shanae gown (of the deep red persuasion), deciding it was more formal.

Then I danced for an hour and a half! (Too bad that doesn't count as aerobic...) During that interval, Mordecai came on (yay!) and was willing to come dance and enter. I zipped over to give my opinion, for whatever it's worth, on which suit he should wear, and back we went.

Good heavens, there was such a concentration of utterly beautiful women and dashingly handsome men. Most of the men went for the conventional tux or black or slate gray suit... one amazing red vest made me want to rush right over and feel the material, but I decided propriety was the better choice, and in any case, all thoughts of that were pushed away by Mordecai's presence... no, not out of guilt! I'd suggested that he wear a wonderful plum-colored suit of his, to contrast with all the black and gray, and he definitely did contrast, as did his striking blond dreadlocks. Once he was there, I was sort of "Oh, there are other people here, aren't there?" when I noticed at all. Time passed much faster then!

Time came to vote, and with a reasonable half hour for people to vote (it was pretty laggy with all the beautiful people present), the results came. Mordecai tied for best men's outfit, and I won women's.

I was dumbfounded at having won. There were so many other women there, gorgeous women, impeccably dressed. I'm still in a bit of a daze.

The other wonderful thing that happened was that Sorcha, Mordecai's SL adopted little sister, showed up to dance and vote. She more than held her own among the stunning women there, and afterwards we had a lovely chat back in the calm of the teahouse. (I really needed that calm.)

At the top is a photo of our slow dance after the results were in and the crowd thinned out; lovely Sorcha is in the red dress over by the zebra-striped bit of the floor, dancing and kindly waiting for us to complete our dance and me to fumble through taking the picture.

Thank you, Mordecai and Sorcha... and thank you, Nicky Ree.

Postscript: ...and thank you, Cheyenne.

I realized that the name of the place had fallen out of short term memory, and they deserved to be named, so that any who read this could go there and have fun as back I went. The place was almost empty, save for one lovely young woman who asked me if I had any clothing of a certain sort.

Well, I said, I might... but she should try New Citizens Plaza, and the Free Dove, and various other places... and then I remembered Pixel Dolls and the kindness Cheyenne had shown me some time ago, and that I had $300L sitting in my virtual pocket...

May I do something for you that a wonderful lady once did for me? I asked.

Yes, came the reply...but by the time I got into position and offered the teleport, she'd gone offline. I figured she might be having difficulties, waited a bit, and reluctantly signed off.

Fortunately, I'd befriended her before that... and when I came back on this evening, there she was!

I asked her over again, and this time it worked. I gave the spiel, set her up, urged her to check out all three floors, and stole silently away.

OK... Rambam wouldn't approve totally; we knew each other, so it's not at the top of his hierarchy. But it felt awfully good, and he'd approve partially at least. So thank you, Cheyenne, for a fine end to a wonderful day.

Post-Postscript: I don't know my Rambam. The top of the list for tzedakah is preventing the need in the first place, by helping the person who'd otherwise receive the charity become self-sufficient.


Mordecai Scaggs said...

Beloved, there was no doubt in my mind that you would win - what is a surprise is that I gained a first - especially as I tied with Garr Flax and his incredible hair, braided as it was with a very festive red.
It was a vindication of us, love, that we were crowned the Best Male and Female - although what sort of omen it is that I tied for 1st place remains to be seen! Whatever, it was the perfect start to a new year at your side - and great fun too! Of course, we just have to win the next contest we enter, to keep our record up!

Mordecai Scaggs said...

Also, I was very glad you were able to meet little Sorcha. I am pleased you two have hit it off so well - she could do with a role model such as you, beloved, someone to steer her dress toward a more elegant style - anything that involves more cloth than she currently wears! How she doesn't catch her death I don't know!

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Now, now, dear... you have to understand SL's siren song of the old Braniff Airlines ad catchphrase: "If you've got it, flaunt it." In SL, one can have it with a few minutes' slider fiddling. (See Celebrity Trollop's essay "Navel Gazing" and the articles she links to.)

Admittedly, Sorcha is as lovely in RL as in SL, so perhaps the sirens sing less loudly for her than for the rest of us.

Sorcha McConachie said...

Hahahaha! You two make me laugh! I really enjoyed being with the two of you tonight. And Mordecai is right in saying that you-Melissa- have a measure of elegance and style that I hope to attain one day! I was going to come to the formal event in my silvery mini disco gown with plunging neckline but I refrained for fear of setting off another of Mordecai's disapproving rants! You're not my father Mordecai!! LOL. I hope to see more of you both : ) And it was nice to talk with you Melissa. All the best to you in the new year : )