Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Been shopping?" "No, been shopping!"

Mordecai asked if we could go shopping yesterday. Anyone familiar with information theory will know that my reply carried zero information, since it had a probability of one... more briefly, I answered "Yes."

We went to places that Rowan Carroll describes in her fashion blog She's So Unusual... first to Trinity and then to SF Designs.
He had this tendency to look at lingerie... but we did find him some boots at Trinity that look quite good with jeans and his "Amoeba" T-shirt by Masterblaster Ay. Along with sunglasses, he had quite the Billy Idol vibe going.

(Sigh... on one hand, if someone wants to go find these things, it's important to provide pointers, but on the other hand, I look at what I just wrote and say "God, I sound like a shallow name-dropping twit whose company I couldn't bear for a minute!")

I had to leave unexpectedly, which I fear removed any constraint I might have provided, for when I signed back on, rather a lot of things appeared in my inventory. (They're wonderful, and thank you, dear...)

Herewith, two pictures: in one, I'm relaxing at home with a good book, and in the other I'm admiring the flowers by the waterfall. Both are set in places that are the result of Mordecai's wonderful construction work. He's described it in his blog, but I think I need to go take pictures and post about it myself.

About the picture of me reading: in it, I have on some shorts and one of the lovely Triangle tops that Trinity sells. Dare I say there is a certain, um, inconsistency between the enthusiasm Mordecai showed for it and the attitude he takes towards his little sister Sorcha's choice of attire? Perhaps you shouldn't look at that photo, Sorcha... :)


Mordecai Scaggs said...

Thank you for your kind words, my love, I am glad you like the gifts. Two points I must just make ,though; firstly, even if you were a name-dropping twit (which you most assuredly are NOT) there is no one in any world in whose company I would rather be, and second, of course there is an inconsistency between my enthusiasm for you wearing revealing clothes, and my shock at my little sister's choce of wear - I'm her big brother, and thats what we do, it's in the job description!

Sorcha McConachie said...

LOL Melissa!
You look great! And I have to agree with Mordecai. It's in his job description as my big brother to nag me about my clothing! Isn't shopping in SL GREAT?! : )

Véronique Lalonde said...

Did you or Mordecai buy a piston engine because it was a bargain? :) It's always so much fun when someone drops a Monty Python reference. I can't help but respond. And not only to do I enjoy reading your blog, and Mordecai's, and Sorcha's (etc. etc. etc.), they are also useful for showing me places, shops, and so on that I didn't know about yet. Thanks, and good shopping!

SLNatalia said...

Melissa, I dont think you are dropping names at all! Please let us know where the cool places are, so we can all check it out. Really, its a big help, since SL is such a big place! :)

Heehee poor Sorcha...leave her alone! She's a big girl! :P