Sunday, January 28, 2007

There was a little girl/and she had a little curl...

I've found a wonderful combination of outfit and hair that I will definitely take some pictures of... once I can make one little change.

Some places that sell hair give you small, medium, and large versions for small, medium, and large heads. Others don't. This utterly gorgeously over-the-top hair comes in one size, and is perfect, save that one strand appears to grow from the middle of my forehead when I put it on.

Remember the bit about details you'd normally pass over standing out in photographs? If I take a picture now, I swear you could not look away from that one strand of hair!

So... I have an IM out to the excellent designer of that hair, and I'm sure there's some trivial adjustment I can make that will solve the problem. Then the pictures will be taken!

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