Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Return to Opal Island

Mordecai and I had some time to explore this morning, so we decided to try Opal Island.

I'd forgotten to save a landmark, so I searched for "Opal Island," unlike the time I first came upon it when I searched for "beaches." All that turned up was a landmark for the gaming area on the island. I should have seen this as an omen.

I teleported there and, after some exploring to reorient myself, offered Mordecai a TP.
We wandered by the meditation dome and by Mount Pele, which looked even less impressive than I remembered, and then found the beach again.

We changed into appropriate clothing... and found nearly nothing appropriate for a couple! One place large enough for two to lie down had poseballs, but the positions were awkward, almost random-seeming. For a bit, we sat in adjacent chairs beneath a yellow umbrella... and giggled at the synchronized animations. (If there's an SL Olympics, that should be an event!)

We ended up on a log, with Mordecai lying on the log and me sitting in front of him. Very frustrating, though we did have a laugh with the jingle for "Log" from Ren & Stimpy.

It's not that I'm expecting anything that would, as they say, frighten the horses... but there are discreet and romantic poses and animations for two, and I would have liked for one to be there.

So... Opal Island was as frustrating with wonderful company as it was alone, at least for me.

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Mordecai Scaggs said...

Despite the lack of romantic facilities, I had a most wonderful time, love. Any time, anywhere, with you is a most wonderful time for me!