Monday, September 11, 2006

(Second) Life's Been Good to Me So Far

(Apologies to Joe Walsh, wherever he may be.)

Actually, it has. I've met lots of friendly, helpful people from all over.

There have just been two unfortunate incidents. Shortly after I made it through the little training bits that the very new SL participant is put through and came to New Citizen's Plaza, I was accosted by someone who started with what I suppose was the best line he could come up with: "You have big [breasts]."

When I didn't respond to that, he mentioned that he could find me a job. "What sort of job," I asked, guessing the answer (rightly, as it happened): escort or stripper.

I'd totally forgotten how to report someone for abuse--so I settled for turning down his offer, more politely than I should have. Poof! Off he went in search of more vic--er, recipients of his extraordinary, um, wit. That was fine by me.

Another guy followed me into the women's dressing room. This time, I did remember how to report someone for abuse, but I couldn't submit the report. I fear it's a Linux alpha client bug. He went away after not too long, thank goodness.

Aside from that, it's been wonderful. I found some nice prim hair (a "prim" is an SL "primitive" from which one builds things, so a "prim X" is an X built up out of prims) and free clothing, a dangerous combination. Along with some jewelry a friend gave me, the result accompanies this post.

I fear I'll spend a lot of time just fussing with my appearance.

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