Monday, September 18, 2006

Recursion, n. See "recursion."

The other day I happened across SecondLifeMe, a sort of MySpace for your avatar. It looked nice, with lists of favorites, what you've been reading/listening to/watching lately, etc., and I signed up. (I'm vain enough to want to know whether my avatar is "hot or not," and would like to think it's the former.) It provides for a blog, which made me feel silly about starting one up here...

...until a day or so later, when I went to log on to it, and got a complaint from Firefox. Seems the path you follow after signing in has a loop of some sort in it. Firefox detects this and points out the problem. I hope someone is able to let them know that nobody can log in.

UPDATE: If you go there now, you'll see a page saying the site is down for changes, and that they're adding features. I hope it's back up soon.

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