Thursday, September 07, 2006

Is it Second Life, or is it Linux?

I use Linux, and while one has to give Linden credit for allowing it, it is, like other Linux versions of apps, an afterthought. (The current projected date, which may or may not actually be hit, for an up-to-date—assuming there isn't a Flash 10 by then—Flash player for Linux is "early" 2007, which will be at least half a year after Flash 9 came out for Windows and OS X.) Because of that, when one runs into a problem, one has to wonder as the title (inspired by "Is it live, or is it Memorex?") says.

  • When I try to take a snapshot, the SL client dies instantly. Whose bug?
  • There's a frustrating (and at times embarrassing) lag when taking clothes off or putting them on. (Gee, my inventory says I have the bikini top on...) It seems like clothing changes are being buffered or something; when I take off or put on something else, the prior change often becomes visible. Whose bug?
There's no bug tracking system for the Linux client save a thread in a forum, so it's hard to search for prior bug reports of the problem you're having. I hope they fix that soon, and I hope that next Wednesday there will be a new Linux client that fixes some bugs. I'd like to know when that bikini top is really there, please.

UPDATE: the snapshot crash is solved; the SL client ships with a bogus libjpeg, so symlinking it to the one you already have fixes it. OTOH, you can't save the snapshot to disk; you have to mail it to yourself!

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