Friday, September 22, 2006

Attack of the Fifty-Foot Melissa

I am learning to fiddle with the point of view control...

...but there's a point to this. When you click on Appearance, you're presented with controls for various aspects of your avatar's appearance. They're in the form of sliders that all go from 0 to 100. Who decides what those values correspond to? The folks at Linden Labs, of course.

There are attempts at workarounds: for example, you can spend some L$ and buy fairly massive fake breasts. Does "fake" mean anything in SL? Yes, it does; you attach them, and your clothes don't "know" they are supposed to go over them, so unless you're going topless, they're not of much use.

I'm sure the limits they choose make programming and the modeling of avatars easier, but there are people who would like to see them increased, if not eliminated (and the avatar model improved so that when you do turn it "up to 11," your features don't develop corners where corners shouldn't be). If you're in SL, please consider casting some votes for Snakekiss Noir's Proposition 125. (Votes? SL, you have ten votes that you can distribute amongst the propositions as you please.)

P.S. Some sliders control colors for skin, hair, etc. What a given number corresponds to for them is not necessarily what you think it is, so experiment to find what you want.

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