Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creative Response

Be sure to read this post from jessamyn Smith's blog.

It turns out that there's a joke schema:
  1. Straight man says something that can, in some way, be interpreted as risqué.
  2. Alleged comic responds with "That's what she said" with eh-eh-nudge-nudge intonation or facial expression.
Maybe it's funny the first aleph-null times, but someone where Ms. Smith works created an IRC bot that monitors text and looks for situations that might benefit from a "TWSS", and sends it out in response.

I love what Ms. Smith did in response--it's a very geekish thing to do.

UPDATE: Ouch! The bot sends out quotes from famous women in response. I got that very wrong, and I apologize to everyone, Ms. Smith especially!

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