Friday, July 13, 2007


Thanks to Vint Falken and her blog for mentioning this, and above all thanks to Cel Edman for creating it: Sculptypaint, a Java-based package specifically for creating sculpted prims. I will try it out and report on my results--with luck, the specificity of the package will mean it's easier to use than more general 3D graphics programs like Wings 3D and Blender.

"Professional 3D modelers," indeed!


Anonymous said...

have you tried the AC3D sculptie thingie? Really straightforward tutorial from here:

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

No, I've not tried it... it looks very straightforward indeed, and the price of AC3D is amazing for all the things it can do. Alas, at the moment, I can't afford to give it a try even at that excellent price.

Thank you for pointing it out--people who are interested should definitely investigate; it looks to be an outstanding program.

Anonymous said...

Have you had any luck in getting a giantess avatar for yourself?

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Alas, no; I'm still taking baby steps towards creating sculpted prims, much less learning the techniques involved in creating and animating avatars built from prims. (Sigh... my lofty notions of what I would do in SL have not borne any real fruit... yet.)

Anonymous said...

What sort of interactions do you anticipate when you do become a giantess?

Subterran said...

However, you can make yourself an illusionary(changes visible only to you, not others) giantess/etc by tweaking model xml file in your client. For example, you can set height range to be wider, allowing for both tw and sw, and set some minor and unused parameter (like nose left/right offset) to map directly to avatar overral scale, tune it and appear the only giantess on your display :)
You can also setup some gender shape difference, for example for noticeable longer legs only for women and for men leave on original parameter range/effect on the shape. This way all women in SL who set ther legs parameter to long will get noticeable longer legs on your screen, while men leave their's original. Etc Etc Etc

(where are some issues however, some with collisions, height offset (legs under ground), certain body parts not scaling, maybe its correctable... so you cannot just walk around like 50ft tall... :) )