Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dancing in Yedo

Lillie Yifu, author of the 2nd Sex blog, is a multi-talented lady. Today I went to see a ballroom she recently created and opened in 22nd Century Yedo.

It's an enormous, breathtaking place... not what you might expect from the name (that of the town that first became Edo as Japanese ditched the ye syllable, and later was renamed Tokyo), but more like a cathedral or the rotunda of a state or national capital.

The picture gives you some indication of the scale; I am dancing there with Susan Usher, who works at 22nd Century Yedo. (I arrived a bit early.) Her elegant hair and dress deserve to be seen, so...

Also deserving your view is the dome, which you only got a taste of in the first picture:

I had a lovely time... enough so that I went back later to dance some more; I was fortunate that my dear friend Foxbean Liebknecht was on the grid, and I got to dance with her.

I will return when I have time... at the very least I want to explore the dome, but I'm sure I will again meet delightful people and have a wonderful time.

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