Monday, July 30, 2007


Perhaps people are taking the advice of the Bee Report and going out into First Life to enjoy the summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere). Goodness knows with the problems that the Grid has been suffering, sheer frustration may be keeping people elsewhere.

Or perhaps it's just me.

For whatever reason, Google Analytics says that nobody at all looked at this blog yesterday. [Imagine chirping cricket sound effects...] I hope this is just a temporary state of affairs.

UPDATE: It's not just me; Google Analytics seems to be showing no traffic yesterday for many web sites. (Thanks to Jay Harper for the info.) I hope the problem is corrected soon.

STILL MORE NEWS: Google Analytics now shows that there were visitors yesterday. Whew!


Jay Harper said...

It's not just you... Google Analytics seems to be down. With any luck it's a reporting delay, and there won't be data loss...

Pandora said...

I read your blog everyday ;)