Sunday, July 15, 2007


One of the things Google Analytics tells you is how people get to your web site... if you're serious about such things, it can let you know perhaps what people who visit are interested in. In particular, Google Analytics can tell you what people who went to your site as a result of a search (on Google, presumably...) were looking for.

So... I can tell you how most people got here via Google, and the results are pretty consistent over time. You might think you know, given what I tend to go on about, but in fact, the big search phrase to get to my blog is this:


Yes... I have the #2 and #3 Google hits for "cheesy phrases". (That's because I changed the blog title to use a real "curly quote" for "Livin'" rather than being lazy and leaving it as good old U+0027 APOSTROPHE, and Google thinks the old and new versions are different.)

I haven't returned to that subject... but with these results, maybe I should. We could cast our net farther afield: I am not among those who are perpetually griping about bugs in SL and what I see as LL's misguided priorities (OK, with one exception), so some might think me a Pollyanna; I could post something about "La deuxième vie en rose" (forgive me, Edith!).

Actually, the distribution at least starts out pretty flat, so it's not like you all just love me for my cheese *sob*, but I was still very surprised... and I had to take the following picture at the wonderful food and wine shop CAS:

UPDATE: Both "potentia" and "potestas" translate as "power" in online dictionaries I've seen; both, of course, come from potere (hence Spanish poder), only the abstract noun suffixes are changed to protect the innocent. Would love to hear from anyone more schooled in the classics which one Latin speakers would really use.

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