Monday, July 02, 2007

Live Music

A while back I felt incredibly stupid when I confused the band "U2 in SL" with the band U2. So, when I saw the announcement that Tony Moore, once keyboardist for Cutting Crew, was performing live as part of the SL 4th birthday, I was a bit skeptical...

...but TPed to the site anyway, and was (and still am) very glad I did, wishing only that I'd been there for the entire performance. His solo acoustic performance was amazing, the crowd both in RL (whose reactions we could hear on the audio stream) and SL very enthusiastic. He acknowledged some people in SL... and if I wasn't the one whose name he wasn't sure how to pronounce, please don't tell me. I'd like to keep the illusion, thank you!

If you have the chance to hear him, do not pass it up.

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