Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Suspension of disbelief

As nice as SL is, in a few years we'll look back and wonder at its primitiveness. Despite that, I just had a lesson in how one can be drawn into it.

On Serenity Island, a bit down the path from the teleport target, slightly past the bench the pigeons hang around, there's a small building with pillows and blankets one can lie upon, and sheer curtains that resemble mosquito netting. In the background one can hear crickets and birds and the occasional wolf (which makes me shiver) and breeze (ditto), and if you have the music turned on, there's tasteful instrumental and vocal music. I recommend turning the music down so that both it and the sound effects are audible.

I'm sitting in RL on a too-short, not terribly comfortable folding chair; the other chair broke, and money's a bit tight... but my avatar is lying comfortably on soft pillows in the depths of SL night, crickets chirping, the theme from Harry's Game playing, and the best of company (Hi, Mordecai!). My actual self is relaxing. I wish I could stay for a day or two.

In the words of the old movie cliché, "Thanks. I needed that."

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