Wednesday, October 04, 2006

" you dream?"

LL has gotten rid of non-technical forums, it seems, so I'll just raise the question here. (I know of at least two people other than me who read it... Hi, Mordecai and Celebrity!)

I've barely been in SL a month, and I have yet to dream that I'm in SL. I am sure it will happen someday (and there are some times in SL I'd very much like to re-experience in a dream, where the UI is more capable if not totally under one's control), but I'm curious about what others have experienced. (And I hope that I don't have a recurring dream of the sort I had in college, where I was hours late for a lecture, headed there anyway for some insane reason, and wearing only my underwear.)

So, as the title asks: do you ever dream you're in some area of SL? (The title is from the lyrics of CSN's "In My Dreams," BTW.)

Speaking of dreaming... a photo, trying to recreate a virtual night spent in a lovely building with rugs and pillows there to lie upon. This is intended to be sunrise afterwards.

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Mordecai said...

Haha! You beat me to the posting of that picture! Still, it looks better on your site - and at least here more people will get to see how lovely you looked that night. As of course you do every night, and day.