Friday, October 27, 2006

Curious domain names

You've heard about them, of course. Powergen decides to set up shop in Italy, so Powergen Italia has a web site with domain name (OK...some say it's a spoof, and confirms it. I looked just now and saw an "under construction" page. Life imitates, um, something.) Once while looking for a fellow I knew who did a fencing act at Renaissance fairs, I found that he was mentioned on a site called the Actors Exchange... yup, (Isn't that an awfully limited clientele?) That web site is gone now... but I saw it with my own two eyes, no FOAF action here.

Yesterday, I read about a very good blog that a gentleman has set up
. Alas for me, it's in French, and I must shamefacedly admit to not knowing any more of the language with a distinguished history as the language of diplomacy, philosophy, science, and belles lettres than I have picked up at random by singing Machaut and de la Halle. It's called the "SL Observer," and after the setup, you already know the domain name:, reminiscent of the old joke:

Diner: Do you serve crabs here?
Waiter: Lady, we serve everybody. [rim shot]

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