Monday, October 30, 2006

The Moth Ascending

At Dazzle's big sale a while back, I bought quite a bit... including one pale green dress with a high Empire style waistline that I like a lot. Afterward, I happened to see one of those sleeping pill ads that has the luna moth sailing through it as a sort of visual motif...and realized that I should seek out a pair of luna moth wings to go with the dress.

Well... I happened to meet a beautiful fairy one day, and asked her where I might find such wings. She gave me some (and more besides). They worked out even better than I hoped.

Now, had things stopped there, I'd be happy... but I noticed the fairy online this morning, thanked her again, and asked if I might show her how they'd turned out. I could, and did, and she complimented me (a compliment to be cherished, coming from someone with her sense of style!) and suggested that the backs be made slightly translucent and the fronts made to glow a bit. I said I'd experiment. I did...with bizarre results.

I will try to get it right...but she took pity on me, modified a pair, and gave them to me yet again. So, now I am not happy; I'm ecstatic. Herewith, a photo taken at midnight in the Lost Gardens of Apollo.

(And thank you again, dear lady!)


Mordecai said...

What a fantastic shot. The wings do suit you, giving your beauty something of a fae quality. But I've yet to see a moth with such gloriously long legs as yours!

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

*blush* Thank you. I can't say I was intentionally going for a Maxfield Parrish effect, but I'd like to think I came close anyway.