Friday, October 20, 2006

Sunset in the Lost Gardens of Apollo

The Lost Gardens of Apollo is one of the most beautiful places I've seen in SL, and I was lucky enough to get this photo of sunset there. It's taken from a striking bench with tusks at each end that is positioned scarily near the water's edge. I've fallen in at least twice, and once you're under, it evidently is impossible to fly keep a convenient landmark to teleport to. (But don't make it right by the bench! I left SL while on the bench, and then went back, only to find myself in the midst of people who were gathered there. I apologized profusely... but I'm still embarrassed.)

This place is best enjoyed with company. Oh, yes.


Mordecai said...

Only in your company did it have the effect it did on me.

Sorcha McConachie said...

Isn't it a beautiful place? You should also check out Innisfree when you get a chance. It's a lovely place to wander : )

Josephine said...

lol. been there done that :D

btw.. you don't happen to know the radio stream over at the Lost Gardens of Apollo do you? it's something like gaialand or gaianet. but can't find the site.