Saturday, February 04, 2012

VOOH Designs

Yesterday, I had a lovely visit with a friend I hadn't seen in way too long. (Hi, Dae!) We had a nice chat, she showed me a neat object she was building, and when I complimented her on her lovely sweater, she kindly showed me where she got it: a store that was new to me, VOOH Designs.

VOOH Designs has a wide variety of prim breast-friendly clothing, ranging from formal to intimate, demure to daring... including my new favorite dress, "Seduction":

The only things I have on in this photo that don't come with this inexpensive outfit are my hair, skin, eyes, and prim breasts. The shoes, which this photo doesn't show, alas, have an alpha layer; they hide your feet, so you'll want to tint them appropriately for your skin. The HUD that comes with them allows that, and many other choices as well. The skirt is scripted for easy modification. If there's one thing to watch out for, it's your ARC. I peeked at it: 229,000! (Not 229,000 factorial, which would be really big, but 229,000--wow!) Of course, hair contributed to that, but I will experiment with taking off the jewelry and otherwise trying to minimize my rendering footprint.

UPDATE: The jewelry was indeed the source of a lot of the ARC.

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